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A Wine Gift Delivery Will Bring the Biggest Smile
Posted on January 3, 2012.

Whether you need a birthday or anniversary gift, or want to say thank you, a wine gift delivery is an ideal way to express your gratitude or well wishes. Gift baskets containing wine are always a welcome present and are visually much more interesting then a plain wrapped box. Sitting tall with their bow and plastic wrap, gift baskets have a visual appeal that always bring out oohs and aahs. Packed with wine and other goodies, wine gift baskets for delivery are available in a range of sizes and prices providing the perfect choice for everyone.

Traditional wine gift delivery baskets are themed. Popular categories include:

The Wine and Cheese basket, stuffed with assorted cheeses, crackers, smoked meats. Many include serving pieces like a cheese knife or small cheese board.

The Gourmet basket, containing a gathering of taste bud tempting treats and wine to compliment the food.

The Spa basket, with bath beads, shower gels, and lotions to pamper the body, wine to ease the mind, and decadent bites to satisfy the soul.

The Hobbyist basket, including a collection of items tied to a particular hobby or sport, like a golf themed basket with tees, balls, and of course, a fine bottle of wine.

To call them baskets, however, may be a bit misleading. Although the classic gift basket is just that, a basket, many companies provide a wine gift delivery with options beyond just a wicker container. These alternatives are usually tied in to the theme of contents. Here are some samples:

A picnic basket filled with plates, linen napkins, silverware, some with gourmet snacks, and of course it must include some great wine to share during the picnic.

A trendy play on the Wine and Cheese basket is to do a make your own wine and cheese pizza gift set accompanied with a Merlot or Syrah to enjoy during the pizza making.

A unique and functional gift for your favorite food gift is a Gourmet food basket packaged in a piece of specialty cookware. Consider a paella pan, complete with the essentials for making this traditional Spanish dish and a bottle of Rioja. Perhaps an Italian themed gift packed into a pasta strainer, complimented by dried pasta, pasta sauces, olive oil, and other traditional favorites.

A final point to consider is the type of wine to select. Red or White, Dry or Dessert, many options present themselves. For example, a wine gift delivery with a bottle of sparkling wine or Champagne is a classic romantic present, ideal for weddings or anniversaries. Perhaps a sweet dessert wine to compliment a selection of fruits and nuts would be appropriate. You do not need to limit your selection to just one wine. Baskets with multiple bottles can be arranged around a single grape, like Merlot or Chardonnay. You could use a country, a region, or even a single winery as a theme, and have a wine gift delivery that includes different wines that represent their unique style.

The beauty of wine gift delivery is the diversity of selection. If you know a lot about the person receiving the gift, you can select one to fit their specific tastes. If you do not know much about the recipient, you cannot go wrong with a basket filled with wine and accompanied by gourmet treats or cheeses. No matter your budget or knowledge level, just remember that everyone enjoys a wine gift delivery, especially when it is package in a distinctive gift basket.


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Posted By: Chief Foodie Officer