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Member Name: Chief Foodie Officer

Location: Orlando FL

Likes To Cook: Yes

Attended Culinary Training: No

More About Member:

I have spent almost my entire life in the pursuit of learning about great food and wine experiences. I have traveled all over the world and I love the challenge of finding new and exciting dining experiences. I love all kinds of food, but I especially like finding authentic restaurants that represent the culture of the destination we are visiting. I call myself a "foodie", but I think this term is too-often confused for someone who likes expensive gourmet dining. To me a foodie is anyone who loves and appreciates great food, regardless of style, price or setting. A foodie can be a fan of BBQ, French gourmet dining, or any other type of food. Being a foodie does not depend on what food you prefer, and it doesn´t mean your tastes are any better or worse than anyone else´s. I believe the best food is the type that you enjoy.

Worked In Restaurants: Yes

Rolls Worked:


Restaurant Types:

Fast Food, Fast Casual, Cafeteria/Buffet, Pub, Casual Dining, Bistro/Brasserie, Family Style, Fine Dining

Years of Experience: 15

What Inspired You To Go Into The Food Industry:

Cooking has always been my passion because I love creating something that makes people feel good.

Favorite Foods:

American, Barbecue, Cajun, Chinese, French, Indian, Italian, Jamaican, Korean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Pizza, Spanish, Tex-Mex, Thai, Vietnamese, Wild Game

Favorite Chefs:

Bobby Flay, for bringing new flavors into my life
Emeril Lagasse, for creating great sous chefs
Giada De Laurentiis for making cooking fun
Marc Forgone, for making American food unique
Scott Hunnel, for his culinary talent

Favorite Dish:

Osso Bucca

Favorite Recipe:

My bone-in Veal Parmigiana served over fresh marinara sauce.