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Dining Italian Style

There is a chapter in my book called "Eating Pie with a Fork" that talks about a lesson my mother taught me about respecting the differences of others. My mother´s lesson on "how to eat pie with a fork" was forged from an era when families actually used to dine together. Dinner was a time when families gathered and shared the stories of the day. Today, most families rarely dine together, and when they do it´s too often in front of a TV. There are still places in this world where dining is more than just filling your appetite. It is a time to reflect, entertain and enjoy the company of others. I believe the Italian families know this best of all.

Before we ever visited Italy, we were taught the proper way to dine by an Italian chef from Little Italy in New York City. The following is an excerpt from a story in my book that explains how my wife, Karen, and I learned to dine "Italian style".

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