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Recipes for Success

Recipes for Success is an exciting and unique book that integrates a cookbook with a recipe for life. It is based on the idea that life is a lot like cooking. You get to select your ingredients, mix them together, and create your own dish. Your life is a dish that only you can create and whether or not it turns out the way you planned you are responsible for the results.  Living a great life is like creating a great dish. You have to choose the right ingredients and bring them together with a thoughtful and well-executed plan of action – a recipe!  The book also includes over 100 recipes with simple step-by-step instructions. Bon Appétit!

Recipes for Success - Mark Allen Waltrip

Bottle Shock®

Bottle Shock® is a revolutionary wine carrying case that allows you to safely transport your wines in your check luggage when flying commercial air. Designed to look and operate like an upscale leather wine carrying case, this case is designed with an impact resistant materials that are lined with shock resistant foam and sealed with an airtight gasket. The foam lined and airtight compartments will also help maintain the cellar temperature of your wine for several hours. Bottle Shock® is wrapped in high quality textured leather with a convenient carrying strap to transport your wines to restaurants and wine tastings in style. Bottle Shock® is available in one, two and three bottle configurations. You are now safe to travel with your fine wines! For more information about this incredible product, check out this article.

Waltrip´s Smokin Pit BBQ Sauce

Waltrip´s Smokin Pit BBQ Sauce is the staple of the award winning BBQ Ribs at the Westgate Smokehouse Grill Restaurants located in Orlando, Florida and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Made from all natural ingredients, this sauce brings together the flavors of the four traditional types of southern BBQ sauce & tomato, ketchup, mustard and vinegar. But the secret to the sauce is the burnt onions.

Born in the backwaters of southern Louisiana, Mark honed his BBQ skills in backyard parties along the banks of the Atchafalaya Swamp. Legend has it that one day, while cooking BBQ sauce in his kitchen, he got sidetracked by a football game on TV and left some onions cooking on the stove. He realized this when the smoke alarms went off and he rushed into the kitchen to find the onions had been burn´t to a crisp. He tasted one of the blacken´d and burnt onions and discovered that it had a unique smoky flavor, so he tried mixing some of them into the sauce. It was unbelievably good. As Mark proclaimed, "we have blacken´d seafood, why not blacken´d BBQ sauce?" That was the day his Waltrip´s Smokin Pit BBQ Sauce was born!


  • Waltrip´s Smokin Pit BBQ Sauce Spicey (just like we make down in Cajun country)
  • Waltrip´s Smokin Pit BBQ Sauce Sweet (for our Yankee friends)
  • Waltrip´s Smokin Pit BBQ Rub (adds flavor to any meat)