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We are building a community of "foodies" where you can share information with other "foodies" that share your taste in food, wine and travel. Most important of all, we want this community to be fun and promote the love we share for food, wine and travel. Imagine a place where you can find new restaurants, recipes, wines or travel destinations. Now imagine how much better it would be if you could read credible reviews from people that like the same things you do. That place is here – Cooking Wine and TravelTM!

We want to bring credibility to this discussion by creating a forum where Certified FoodiesTM can share information about their favorite food, wine and travel. Anyone can visit our site, but only a Certified FoodieTM can post information and reviews, and each review will include their profile so you can compare their tastes to yours.

Anyone can join as a Community Member and have the option of receiving our monthly newsletter that includes our Recipe of the Month, and the latest restaurant reviews from our Certified Foodies.

You are also welcome to take our Certified FoodiesTM quiz and test your foodie knowledge. If you pass this test you will have the option of submitting your profile to become one of our Certified FoodiesTM. All profiles will be reviewed and graded by our panel of experts to determine if you are eligible to be one of our Certified FoodiesTM. Once you are certified you will be allowed to post restaurant reviews. For rules and governance regarding our Certified FoodieTM reviews, please click here.

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Mark Waltrip

Cooking Wine and TravelTM

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