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"Food can be artistic, but don't put anything on your plate that isn´t meant to be eaten"


"A ´foodie´ is anyone who loves and appreciates great food, regardless of style, price or setting"


"The secret to great food and travel experiences is learning to ´eat your pie with a fork´ (respect the local customs)"


"The world is full of angels, particularly those angels without wings we call friends"


"The best chefs know how to develop and mentor great sous chefs"


"True success comes from learning to balance your personal, professional and spiritual life"


"The secret to being a great leader in the kitchen is to be the example you want others to follow."


"If a person is smart enough they can learn anything, but a passionate person can accomplish almost anything"

Do you think you are a "foodie"?

Try taking our Certified FoodieTM quiz and test your knowledge of cooking, food and wine. Take the test for fun or to become a member of our Certified FoodieTM Community who can post reviews and informtaion to help build this site for everyone.

Welcome to Cooking Wine and TravelTM

We created this community as a gathering place for people who have a passion for food, wine and travel. This is a place where you can find new restaurants, recipes, or information on great wines and travel destinations. 

One of our goals is to bring credibility to restaurant and travel reviews by creating a forum where anyone can visit our site, but only "certified foodies" can post reviews and information about their favorite food, wine and travel experiences. The internet is powerful resource, but it´s too often filled with websites where anyone can say anything without proof or qualifications. The best recommendations come from people you know and trust to have similar tastes. For more information, please check out our "About" section of this website.

We have created a fun and educational quiz to start your journey towards being a Certified FoodieTM. Once you complete this quiz, you will be given the opportunity to submit your profile for consideration as a Certified FoodieTM. If you don´t want to submit a profile, you can also choose to simply join our site and have access to hundreds of recipes, as well as information on dining, wine and travel destinations.

So please join my friends and me and help us create a new community for people that love food, wine and travel.

Bon Appétit!

Mark Waltrip, Site Founder

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