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Bruschetta with Goat Cheese & Proscuitto

Posted on December 19, 2011.



Sourdough baguette, sliced on angle 1/2 inch thick, 8 pieces
1/2 lb thin Serrano ham
Calamatto Black olives, pitted and sliced thin
1 handful of Italian Parsley, minced
4 oz of Humbolt Fog Goat cheese
1 tablespoon grape seed oil
1 tablespoon olive oil
Salt and pepper


In a bowl, let Goat cheese sit at room temperature, approximately 20 minutes until softened, then mix with minced parsley, salt & pepper.

In broiler, toast ham until crisp.

Coat slices of baguette with a light brush of olive oil and toast until brown.

Cover Baguette slices with cheese mix, drizzle with grape seed oil, and bake for 5 min at 400 degrees.

Remove and add olive slices and ham.


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Posted By: Chief Foodie Officer